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Longevity Codes webinars, trainings, podcasts, and book shares the core principles that helps you change the way you approach aging.


You will learn from scientific studies, practical tools, tips, and advice on how to live a longer, healthier, and more active life.



  • The Baby Boomers #1 Secret to a longer and healthier life

  • Lessons from the longest living people  

  • Discover keys to better sleep, more energy, and improved quality of life, no matter your age

Fred Herbert

Fred is a bestselling author, speaker, and podcast host. He is a reformed “supplement junkie” who learned after years of failed attempts at healthy living, the secret to finally achieving a healthy lifestyle to overcome his high blood pressure and other ...

Tracy Herbert

Tracy is a motivational speaker, bestselling author, podcast host, and leading authority in diabetes. She proved her health strategies work with a solo 3,527-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to New York City. Tracy has lived with Type 1 diabetes for...

Bestselling authors Fred and Tracy Hebert have joined forces to help you live a longer and healthier life. They share years of personal experience with health and wellness along with recent scientific discoveries.

  • Learn the core principles required for longevity
  • Discover how to find the perfect longevity diet for your unique situation
  • Get the scoop on what doctors and scientists are calling the "Greatest breakthrough of our Lifetime!"
  • Find the clues we can learn from the longest living people in the world
  • Learn the mindset shift required to make the right choices to feel young at a ripe old age
  • Packed with simple strategies you can apply NOW to impact your lifespan and healthspan

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Learn about what Doctors and Scientists are calling the anti-aging and health breakthrough of our lifetime! The REDOX LONGEVITY mission is to help you live a longer healthier life, starting at a cellular level. This technology is changing lives and you owe it to yourself to investigate how it can help you.


You know about the value of fasting to achieve autophagy and the health benefits that come with it. You can now fast with food based on the scientific research of Valter Longo PhD  who created the...

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